Things I love about my baby sister

  1. the way she admired me so much as a child. she proudly showed me off in elementary school & told her teachers I went to UC Berkeley. It melted my heart. I hope I still make her proud.
  2. how intensely she loves. she might hide it because she’s been hurt so much, but she has the capacity to love so much, that I know it scares her.
  3. she was the cutest and most inquisitive baby. she was so observant to the world around her. she was a magical baby, so special and so sweet and I still remember her first steps.
  4. how self-confident and self-assured she is. she’ll accomplish anything she sets her mind to and she won’t let anyone push her around. she isn’t a people pleaser the way I am, and I love that in her.
  5. the way she can always cheer me up and understand me. no one in the world gets me like she does.
  6. how she loves the rain and the forrest and book stores.
  7. the way she talked about becoming a cat lady when she grew up. she always broke the mold in our family and it made me so proud of her.
  8. the encouraging notes she writes me every time I move. I looked at the notes in Portland everyday and they helped me so much. she always writes exactly what I need to hear.
  9. how she’s able to craft a whole world, feeling, a nugget of wisdom into a short phrase or poem. her writing is a gift and I’m thankful I got to see that grow in her.
  10. her sense of style. so confident and laidback and girly. I wish I had the confidence to wear what she does.
  11. how mature she is. she has seen the worst in life and she continues to fight. and she grows from each event. and someday it will all be worth it.
  12. how much she loves coffee and coffeeshops. when she’s there, she’s in her element and I love watching her intensely focused, like she’s no longer at the cafe, but worlds away.
  13. how she spent 2 summers with me in Portland and all the amazing memories we had.
  14. her eyes. they are blue and yellow in the center and sometimes they look green. they are wondrous and breathtaking and innocent at the same time.
  15. she’s financially smart. she knows when to not spend money and doesn’t impulse buy like me.
  16. the way she can still fit in my arms and it makes me want to make everything safe and beautiful for her.
  17. how tough she is. she is the strongest person I know.
  18. how she hasn’t given up on me despite all the heartbreak I have put her through.
  19. how she loves nutrition and good food. and how I know she will change many young girls lives that struggle with eating disorders.
  20. the woman she’s become. strong and loving, resilient and vulnerable, adventurous and steady, beautiful and sweet, powerful and patient.
  21. the discipline she shows in her faith. she wakes up bright and early and reads the bible, spends time with God.
  22. how good she is at appreciating me. I hope she knows how much I appreciate her.
  23. her taste in music. she always finds the best music.
  24. I love that she is my baby sister, someone I watched grow up in front of me, and I love that I get to be her best friend and her confidant.

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