things that make me happy

  1. summer afternoons in Portland with the sun glistening in the forest and over the city
  2. coffee and coffee shops
  3. evening walks with dogs and good company
  4. finding new fish while snorkeling
  5. surfing with a cute boy that laughs at me when I fall off my surfboard while just sitting there
  6. face masks at the end of long days
  7. watching survivor with my favorite person, my baby sister
  8. cooking new recipes and eating while watching a cooking movie (Julie & Julia is a favorite)
  9. bon fires and deep chats while camping
  10. first-kisses while stargazing
  11. dressing up for special nights or for no reason at all
  12. red lipstick
  13. getting really into a book that I can’t put it down for any reason
  14. laughing with my baby sister and feeling innocent and whole
  15. my moody & aloof cat Mishka
  16. quiet mornings for journaling and reading the Bible
  17. rain boots, rain storms, and cozy nights in
  18. singing along to taylor swift on road trips
  19. long trail runs with great views
  20. looking at old photos and getting lost in the memories of that time
  21. getting a cute new haircut
  22. sunday evening church service
  23. when babies fall asleep in my arms
  24. red wine while cooking for friends
  25. swinging on the swings on summer nights
  26. ocean days, tan skin, and salty hair
  27. lazy saturday breakfasts
  28. thinking about the future and feeling excited
  29. packages and letters in the mail
  30. long naps (meaning 2 hours or more)

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