places I want to visit

  1. Niagara falls and Toronto with my mom. She’s always dreamed of going and I want to take her once I’m earning money again.
  2. Italy with my baby sister, Natalie. This was a place we talked about going once I was better for her high school graduation, and even though it’s been delayed, I still dream about going together and celebrating life. We’ll eat gelato, pizza, pasta, and visit all the beautiful sites.
  3. Vietnam. I’ve dreamed about going here since the beginning of college. The rice fields and mountains look so green. And the french food incorporated into their food sounds so exotic and delicious.
  4. Paris with my lover.
  5. Lake Powell with my family and lover almost every summer.
  6. The forrest with my future kids and husband every year.
  7. Portland. The city that is more of my soulmate than any other boy I’ve dated.

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