A Russian-born, American-bred, Jesus-loving woman.

Give me a strong cup of black coffee, a pen and paper, and I will use words to paint my world.

Hi. Privet. Welcome to my blog, my story of redemption.

In today’s constantly evolving world, the 20’s are a rocky time. During my mom’s 20’s, she got married, and started having kids. It was normal and expect of her.

My 20’s turned out very different than my mom’s story and even what most people experience today. Here’s the gist of my twenties: I quit my first professional job after barely a year, faced depression, moved to Portland- a city that revived me, only to face another traumatic job situation, get braces, be ghosted by a boy I liked very much because of the braces, become severely anemic, lose chunks of my hair, get severe nerve pain, get put on very high doses of medication, and go on anti-depressants from my increasing anxiety about my health. And none of those moments could compare to what happened July to August 2018, a time where I did not think I’d make it.

I was coming off the antidepressants April-June of 2018, and nothing could prepare me for the pain, agony, desperation, and sheer terror I would experience during those months, and the year that followed.

This is my blog about my healing process, a reminder of how far I’ve come, and the things that kept me going, and my healing strategies.

God brought me through the fire, and though it can feel like I was scorched, that nothing good remains in the ashes, He is showing me that He can still make beauty out of the impossible. I hope that in some miraculous way, that sharing my experience can help you.