30 Day Writing challenge

I’ve been in need of writing inspiration and I came across a writing challenge on my sister’s Pinterest. Below is the specific challenge for the next 30 days. It’s simple and I’m hoping it will help me develop better writing discipline. Here goes nothing! Who am I? I love rainy days, bookstores, grocery shopping, andContinue reading “30 Day Writing challenge”

{new list} a few of my favorites & random thoughts

Throughout my 20’s I encountered a lot of trauma, in some ways I was dealt a bad hand, and in other ways, I inflicted myself with circumstances I should have walked away from. Though I’ve learned and grown so much from those hard days, I’ve also faced a lot of physical illnesses as a resultContinue reading “{new list} a few of my favorites & random thoughts”

Land of the sick, home of the broken

It’s been in the land of the sick for a long time. At first I was an obedient guest, but I’ve overstayed my welcome. In this land, there are so many rooms and houses I’ve spent time in. For a while, I was pounding death’s door. My mind was in turmoil, my heart faintly beating,Continue reading “Land of the sick, home of the broken”